WorkGuru can be the solution that saves your sanity! 

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Here's some of the 'beyond standard' inclusions that my clients and I love most. 

All the Standard Inclusions

Raise a quote, convert to a job, send to an invoice. 

Raise a PO, add staff and materials along the way. 

Customisable Job Templates

Set up once, bring in the entire template, or components, over and over. 

The options here are amazing, tasks, people, customers, equipment, inventory. 

Inventory Made Easy

Set up purchasing authorities and PO hierarchy.

Pay for stock and receive it in different periods so stock is always up to date. 

Timesheets + Payroll

Easy to enter labour that your staff will use. Connect directly to Xero to create payroll. 

Staff and Scheduling

Easy to schedule staff and see availability and capacity. 

Do this in a Kanban or Gantt chart style. 

Production Jobs

Making components to be resold and need to trace accurate cost of production. 

Custom Forms

Collect data and turn it into PDF's that are then stored against the job. 


Multiple staff log time time to multiple jobs through a central device. 

Easy to use and promotes staff usage which creates more accurate capture of time. 

Replace Workflow Max

This simplest and most stress free cross over from Workflow Max you can imagine. 

Is it right for you?

Value Simplicity

Know the health of your business with staff, assets, jobs, and  inventory all in one place, linked with your xero account. 

Labour Intensive

The productivity of your labour force and ability to trace this is directly linked with your bottom line.

Many to One

'A Job' in your world is not a 30 minute fix. There are usually multiple people, for longer periods of time as well as parts and assets. 

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Direct from Headquarters

Powerful Projects Made Easy with WorkGuru

WorkGuru is a powerful, all-in-one, cloud-based software platform that puts you in control of your
projects, stock, quotes and invoicing.

We’ve built WorkGuru to provide the tools and support Aussie
businesses need to make the right decisions, and make money on every job.

From real-time stock
control and timesheet reporting to CRM, quoting and invoicing, we’ve got you covered.

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Designed for Businesses Like Yours

Consulting to over 2000 businesses before developing WorkGuru, our founders have built a platform custom designed to help Aussie businesses.

Keep Informed and Make The Right Decisions

Get the metrics and information you need to evaluate projects profitability, make the right decisions and get daily jobs done quickly and effectively.

Powerful Tools, Kept Simple

From progress invoicing, to on-site timesheets and inventory management, WorkGuru gives you the tools you need to manage your business effectively while still keeping it simple.

See a full list of features on the WorkGuru site. 

See a full list of industries on the WorkGuru site. 

Implement With Orb Services

Working with labour intensive businesses to design and implement effective workflows has been the core of Orb Services for over 5 years.

A 'solution' focuses on all parties getting what they need. From simple usability at a technician / input / data capture, to advanced financial comprehension for managers.

Recognising the importance of face to face contact we put bums on seats to work with you and your team in your environment.

Start a discussion today and see if we are the right fit for your business. 

Core Stages Breakdown

Orb Services are one of many great partners you can choose from.

The specifics change pending the scope and requirements from your business but the project always follows the same structure. 

Business Model Review

Why replace like for like without asking if that's the best way? 

Reviewing your business model and workflow design at the same time will maximise the value of the software changeover. 

Any required changes can be implemented at the same time minimising business disruption.  

Let's discuss WorkGuru as a solution in your business.