Realising the results is what it's all about. 

Business consulting services oversimplified. 

Clarity of Where, Why, How & When!

A Game Plan is a simplified business plan that you'll actually use. Cut through the mud, see the most important things, know how you're going to execute the tasks required. 

Visualise Your Business Process Model! 

Imagine being able to see the flow of work and information through your business as clearly as you could read a road map. Improve customer and staff experience all at once.

Select, Implement, Train and Manage! 

Realise the potential of your software suite. Minimise double handling, improve accuracy of information, and you won't have a heart attack or throw your computer out in the process. 

Current Job Management Software Not Cutting it? 


WorkGuru is a powerful, all-in-one, cloud-based software platform that puts you in control of your
projects, stock, quotes and invoicing.

Orb Services is proud to partner with WorkGuru. 

Full Details

I cannot recommend Orb Services highly enough! Marty recently helped me put together a 12 month business plan and I was blown away by just how much I actually achieved through the process. There was none of the wishy-washy coaching spiel from Marty, just clear straight forward business advice that was actually useful. I now have clarity around the business I want to create and a structured plan on how to get there...

Sarah | McKelvey Miller Law

We have been working with Marty from Orb services for the past 6 weeks. He has helped us implement some systems and processes that have streamlined our business. The new systems are improving our profit margins and assisting us to track jobs better. We believe Marty could add value to any business and would highly recommend him and ORB services.

Kristine | Dawson Electric

... Martin has basically single -handedly automated my back of house system plus upgraded and improved my website. From our first session of goal development and year long planning he has made clear and very achievable step by step goals to work towards. I imagine I'll be working with martin for many years to come... 

Josh | ACTV Chiropractic

A Game Plan to Execute.


When going on a holiday there's a clear destination, and a pretty firm path on how to get there safely. 

Having the same in your business is essential. 

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Building a Business That Doesn't Need You?


At least not every day, for everything! 

If billable time is a revenue stream for you, than Off the 'TOOLS' will make your life easier. 

Run as a workshop or privately. 

Design and build a scalable business structure that works for you.

Need this in my LIFE!

Performance Edge

Are you building a turn-key operation that won’t require you at the centre of every decision?

Do you have a great team but you know there are missed opportunities to leverage their skills?

Can you see opportunities to expand, but you’re already juggling more than enough?

This could be the customised solution you're looking for! 

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