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Great people, with great skills, deserve a great business.

Help great people, with great skills, build a great business.

The story behind Orb Services is very simple. 

I saw people who were great at what they did, frustrated with their business. 

Importantly, these people were great people, with genuine intentions. 

Because of my background in planning, management, and teams,  I believed I could help. 

My skills aren’t better or worse than anyone else’s, sometimes they complement well though. 

So I set about helping them change that. Over time, how I facilitate that might have changed. 

The objective is still exactly the same as it was back in 2015.

The Business

Business Planning and Strategy is the central foundation which everything else is built upon. 

A plan without staff engagement or execution is still nothing. So the Team Building and Management Consulting were logical support provisions.

The basic formula for success is to…
1. Define the business you want
2. Build a plan that fills in the blanks
3. Provide support to roll it out and deal with the curve balls as they arrive

I work is to focus on doing what you can do, with the resources you have. 

No magic beans here. Not sorry.

the history

Orb Services was started in 2015 after I realised a long career in mtce. planning and wasn’t for me. 

Supporting tradies initially as an accessible market and most of my friends and family are also tradies. 

 Later I would realise that the same core issues occur for anyone who builds a business on their expertise.

In April 2018 I moved to Brisbane and began working with a more diverse range of clients like legal and other services professionals. I also provide support to Health practitioners. 

Hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.

the Bloke

Every day bloke who grew up on a farm in regional NSW, Inverell.

Pursued a career in Rugby League. Never made it to the top level, picked up a couple of Australian and NSW jerseys along the way as a junior.

Away from work I enjoy a laugh and a beer with good company. I’m blessed to have an amazing group of friends and family, time with them is a priority.

I’ve got an MBA, a stack of work history as an employee, but the thing that I’m most proud of since starting is the testimonials page.

Seems I’m getting it right sometimes.