Behind the business


Marty. 31. No family yet, but one day. 

Grew up in a mixed family, 5th in a line of 7 kids. I’m not a greedy person, I don’t need much to be in a happy place. Still conscious of the value of a dollar.

The farm, sport, boarding school and my family all developed a strong sense of independence. I value good experiences and good people. 

I like to keep things light and easy, but also respect there is a serious side to life, in particular, running your business. The laughs soon loose their value if they aren’t supported by tangible results. 

The quality of my life is a reflection of the quality of people I have in it. Very grateful for them all. 



You’re already great at what you do. You’re business shouldn’t control you due to a few pieces not interacting in the right way. I can help fill the blanks.

Playing an unseen role in the background is my speciality, to know I played a part in a business improving is an awesome way to make a living.

My skills aren’t better or worse than anyone else’s, their complimentary. Sometimes that’s all a business needs in order to make a large shift forward. 

I don’t do so well with layers of politics, working with directors cuts right through the rubble. This means less friction along the way to quicker results.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely the best job I’ve ever had. 


Just like your business, one piece at a time.  

I meet with an owner to get an understanding of your business. Looking at where you want to go, where you are, and how we can fill the blanks. 

In it’s simplest form, this is what I help you do.  

  1. Build a practical Game Plan which will allow you to move forward. You have to know where you’re off to or we’re both wasting each other’s time. 
  2. Support you to roll it out and get it functioning if you need it. A great plan the shelf helps no one. 
  3. Deal with the s#@t as it hits the fans. Plans alone don’t get results, adapting and pushing forward is what matter to get where you want to go.
If it falls into a sub category of those items, I either do it, or put you in touch with someone who can.

Between the lines

Most of the many scars on my face come from rugby league or boxing. I did alright at both but never made a full time career from either. Making a living with my brain was more appealing.

I’ve worked in management and specialised in building teams my whole career. Now, on any given month I help 6-10 owners manage millions of dollars worth of revenue collectively.

The business is the small part, the thing I really love is meeting and working with great people that I align with, helping them achieve what they set out to do.

I get to help great people achieve things that matter to them. Life’s pretty good.

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