Simplifying Planning and Strategy

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The more you can simplify your business strategy. The faster you’ll get meaningful results.

Business plans or strategies are only as useful as the outcomes they can help you generate. Is a Game Plan the answer to all of your problems, not if you just park it on the shelf!! Plans are a lot like talent, worthless without being put to good use.

Most business owners over complicate planning and strategy work because it’s not what they do. They’re good at doing their job, they’re excellent technicians, 70 percent of owners I know went out on their own because they were tired of doing it for someone else.

In 2019 there are unprecedented levels of distraction to compete with. Combine this with our ever-shortening attention span, our lust for instant gratification, and you’re in a perfect storm.

And if spending some time working on your planning and strategy isn’t going to guarantee you a win, than why even start??

Because if you don’t, you’re probability of failing increases ever day.

Every business with a plan is not successful. Every successful business has a plan though.

And more than that, they execute towards that plan relentlessly.

But which way to go first…relax. THERE IS NO RIGHT MOVE. Not in a singular sense anyway. There isn’t a magic door you can go through which allows everything to fall into place. It’s constant movement, constant improvement, and winning and losing on a small scale more frequently. This is the pathway that creates better results for you.

The most important thing you can do, is start!

So here are some simple things you can do, to start thinking a little strategically, and improving your chances of success.

  1. Put a peg in the sand as far out as you can. 5-10 year, great, 3 months no problems. Whatever is a long way for you and far enough to think of an ideal situation!!
  • Think about this in terms of money in the bank, role you have in your business, the product range you sell and where you sell it.

2.  Shrink your goals down to something manageable. If you’re only looking 3-6 months out, keep those as is. If you’re long term is +12 months or more, break it down a little, what would be a good outcome in 6 months to a year.

3.  This is where the execution is about to take over. If you want to be where you’ve just laid out in your ideal situation. What are some critical pieces or projects that must fall into place to make this happen? Keep this simple, there will be lots of things you may not have the resources to do, could do, should do, or would do.

What matters is what you can do, what you actually go out and get done!

  • Your long term plans are there to guide your activity and keep you on track.
  • Spend 90-95% of your time on there here and now with mini milestones.
  • Focus on what is IMPORTANT, not what is urgent!!
  • What are you doing day to day, week to week, and how are you measuring it?
  • ‘That which gets measured, gets done.’ Unknown

There are no singular right answers in this process, only what’s right for you, and your business. It’s special and unique to you, your plans should reflect that.

Remember: Don’t over complicate the process.

3rd July I wrote a timeline for a client with 4 key action items on a napkin whilst we had a coffee. They called me on 19th July to say they’d had their best week in months and felt refreshed having a clear direction and focusing on ‘can do’ items. They inspired this article.

Resources are finite for everyone, everyone has challenges and obstacles in the way, and they are all legitimate. The issue is, no one cares what you could do, need to do, or would do, IF ONLY. What matters is what you do get done.

Begin to love the small progress which can be made, double and triple down on what YOU CAN DO. You’ll shift into overdrive in no time!

This process has worked for many before, will work for many after, and I hope it works right now for you.

Here’s to you kicking goals, in life, and business.


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