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by Marty Lewis

A simple collection of thoughts designed to help you move forward. Whether captured on video, or by pen, they’ll make you laugh, think, or both.

Here’s to you avoiding the school of hard knocks… at least occasionally. All the best!

Discussing Business growth, with
BRad Seymour

Brad Seymour is an investor and entrepreneur. His success with Wizard Homeloans put him in elite standings within the business community both big and small. 

He shares his secrets on growing and running a successful business, leaderships, and his own story. 

A wealth of insight for owners at all stages, tune in and enjoy. 

Practical Business Plans 101

It’s all about coming up with the details that you need to be successful. 

The video shows an overview of the planning philosophy that we use to get you result fast.

We help you find the right balance between on, and in, your business. 

It’s not the 11 secret herbs and spices, you can take it and apply it to your business without us. 

Strategy vs Execution. Getting the balance right

Too much of a good thing is never enough right…not when it comes to strategy (planning) and execution. Getting the balance right separates the pack. 

This is a recording of a presentation given to the CPA discussion group. In it I explore how owners can find balance between working on, and in their business.  

Make sure you’re heading in the right direction. 

3 key outcomes from a clear customer Journey

Read less, look more, here is a DIY slide deck for building your customer journey. 

It can be difficult to consider both their side and yours, how do you build a workable middle ground? 

The sample layout looks at breaking down the ‘horizontal’ stages into key areas. From here you can begin to ask specific questions to build the right depth.

Getting more from doing less, the lazy way forward

Don’t have enough hours in the day? This is for you! 

The secret to successful time management is more than just an endless steam of finding efficiencies. 

In a recorded presentation I take a look deeper into how we can achieve more, by doing less.

Dedicate some time to you. 

Could we have an Answer for you?

Orb Services provides planning and management support to small business owners going through growth and transitions of change. 

If you’re facing a challenge and would like some help to work your way through it, say hi today.

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