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It’s simple to say that team work is the basis of your business. Every business is dependent on labour. Services are particularly at risk. Chiro, Lawyer, Plumber…doesn’t matter, you’re going to need the people around you working hard. 

What isn’t simple is actually making this happen. Getting the best of your people. 

We build bespoke leadership and training days to target the needs of your business. It can be a small one off workshop. It could be an extensive audit of the people in your organisation, and rolling out role changes and re structures.

Getting a start on your foundation

Sample slides from the PDF 

We want you to win in life, and business. You don’t have to pay anything for that. 

This slide deck contains a wealth of information about building a strong foundation for your team. 

It’s yours for FREE. You don’t have to even give an email. Just use it!  

Teams are the key to your success

I’m Marty Lewis, thanks for stopping in. I started Orb Services to help people improve their business outcomes. 

Planning and process are big parts of that, but it all turns to s#@t if you can’t get people working together. 

A Rugby League career didn’t work out for me, but it gave an amazing insight into high performing teams and winning.

 I’ve since spent over a decade leading and managing teams in businesses ranging from construction to tourism.

If your team isn’t delivering the results you expect, I’d like to help change that.

With Orb, It's a simple 3 step process

coffee's or frothies

FREE consultation, generally over a beverage because, lets, face it, life's better that way. It's all about understanding the intricacies of your team and what you're trying to do. We'll formulate a plan for you to consider.

Building Unity

Bringing the team together to roll out the training or workshops as planned. Focusing on real scenarios in your business to get maximum engagement and relevance. Giving those in attendance the tools they need to succeed.

Execute and review

Any kind of team building activity is only as good as the outcomes it generates. Part of the training and workshops is creating tangible outcomes. This will be both individually and collectively so people can be accountable.

5 wins with ORb Services

  1. Suitable programs for your business and your people, it isn’t about fitting your business into the latest training program. 
  2. As a consultant, you’ll get the right program and practical ideas for your business.
  3. Practical experience leading teams of people in multiple industries. 
  4. You deal with the owner of the business, not an employee. 
  5. Practical outcomes and follow up to ensure results.

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Wishing you much success whether we hear from you or not. 


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