Support for Small Business

Practical Advice to Support Small Business Owners in Challenging Times

Orb Services is here to support you!

You’re small business looks different than it did in February, that much is for sure. Business as UNusual. 

You’ll find information here on everything you need to know so you can make the best decisions possible. 

  • Goverment Stimulus Packages 
  • Emergency Health Checklist
  • Cash flow projections 
  • Insurance and what you can do about it 
  • Building your brand credibility 
  • Getting started on LinkedIn
  • Financing options 
  • Diversifying your product offering
  • A whole host most
Take your time and look around. At any point you can book a Free 45 minute Best Play analysis. Another way Orb Services provides support for small business. 
Business Consultant Marty Lewis from Orb Services at Desk

Immediate START Point

You need three critical pieces of information before you can do much at all. 

Our support for small business focus means we can help you establish this. Then evaluate and analyse it to make sure you’re making the Best Play possible. 

cAsh Position

What is your cash position? Not as a feeling, as an exact dollar value.

OUtgoing Expenses

How much does it cost you to open your doors each week or month now?

Your market

What are your customers doing and saying? And the wider Market?

When you know this, then you can start to make some informed decisions.

You can download a guide to take you through this one question at a time.


Am I eligible for any Grants?

If you’ve seen a drop in revenue, chances are you will be eligible. 


Beyond the fact sheets that are given to the public, there will be pages of T&C’s and small print. It is the accountants who will know exactly what you are, and are now entitled to. 

Your accountant will help you navigate this mind field and ensure maximise your claim. 

If you need an introduction to a great accountant there is a select group I trust and recommend. Pending your circumstances, location, I’m happy to make an introduction. Please give me a call to discuss. 

Where should I Start?

Your numbers. You need to have a handle on your financial position so that you can make balanced decisions. Reacting with emotion and randomly without the detail you need can be detrimental. 

You need to know 1) how much cash you have available. 2) What your operating costs are.

This will allow you to create your burn rate and know how long your could sustain for at your current spend rate. 

How can I trim my operating costs?

You have a few options here and given the circumstances, nothing is off the table. Some key areas are. 

  1. Rent – ask your landlord if there is any flexibility here. Keeping you at a reduced rate could be better than an empty venue.
  2. Loans – transfer from principle and interest to interest only, refinance, consolidate debts. 
  3. Subscriptions – chances are you have a few that make life easy, but you could do without 
  4. Insurance – are you over insured, look at your options here. Don’t cancel cover, A) you could need them more than ever B) existing policies are likely to have better conditions than new ones 
  5. Phones and internet – can you reduce or get better deals here 
  6. Excess – what are you spending money on that you don’t really need
  7. Staff – see staff 

How long will this last?

No one knows exactly. Restrictions on travel and events are in place till May / June. It will depend on when and how well government policy begins to take effect. 

It will also largely depend on the creation of a vaccine. Who knows when that might happen.  

I am encouraging people to look at 6 month scenarios at a minimum so late September to early October. This is just my thoughts. If things bounce back better than that sooner, than great. I’d love to be wrong. 

Where do I get new customers?

The first thing you need to do is secure the ones you have. Speak with your customers and learn about their situation and needs. 

The same questions remains as always, who are you customers, what are their issues, how can you add value? 

Depending on who you are, they may not exist. If you’re in tourism for example, everyone in Australia could ‘Holiday at Home’ and it would not make up for loss of international staff. That’s not a stab at the campaign, I think it’s great, it’s just the reality of the situation. 

What can I do about my staff?

Job Keeper payments are your best option for this but again, there will be T&C’s galore. Please get this rolling with your accountant. 

This is not something to take lightly, staff are human beings, not a commodity, and they all need to make money as well. That said, depending on your circumstances, things may need to change in order to stay afloat. 

I’m not a HR expert however some initial things you can ask or look at are.  

  1. Look at your own drawings first, could you afford to take less. If you’re going to look to staff as an answer, the least you can do as a leader is look at your own first. 
  2. See who in your team could afford to take less hours / reduced rate 
  3. Minimise guaranteed, maximise commissions
  4. Have staff take leave 

What support exists?

It varies depending on the size of your business and industry.  

  1. Federal Support full guidelines can be viewed here. 
  2. Standard grants are also still available through the usual state and federal programs. These include grants for innovation, technology, and new starter businesses. 

How Does orb Services Support Small Business?

Easy for me to sit and give advice, people have, fairly so, questioned what activities I am taking on. There are a few key things. 

  1. All of the things I am discussing above with the exception of staff as I don’t have any
  2. Reduced my costs to a minimum viable margin. It’s one things to offer support, it’s another to understand most people can’t pay for it. 
  3. Offering interest free payment plans so people can get what they need, then pay it off over time 
  4. Providing as much value as I can online (same as usual, just specific things now) 
  5. Looking at new markets, providing my services to the businesses doing well in this situation 

I always offer a free consult, if you would like one, please use the below form. 

More Freebies for you on Key Topics

Information you need to make the best decisions for your business. 

Remote work software

Establishing your cash position

What options do you have with insurance

Many More 

Mark from EMPAT Consulting had me on his podcast! Key topics we focus on. 

Don’t let the photo fool you, this is a serious topic with detailed options. 

  1. Establishing your real numbers
  2. Trimming your operating costs
  3. Analyse your customers/market
  4. Staff reduction or options 
  5. Diversifying your offering 

Discuss your situation in person for FREE. Drop me a line today! 

No obligation, no hard sell. Just trying to make sure people feel like they have somewhere to turn. 


Management Consultant Marty Lewis from Orb Services

Now isn’t a time to take advantage of each other. It’s a time to support each other and help as many people as possible to get through. 

I got into business to help people, seems now is a good time to double down on that. 


Getting your plan right matter more than ever