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You’re great at what you do.

We build the business structure you need to support that.

Business consulting that suits your needs

The only ‘secret’ that I preach is consistency. 

There are no magic beans or quick fixes here. 

Just a focus on continually improving, one piece at a time.  

Core services can be delivered individually, or together. 

Getting the most affordable and practical solution for you is key. 

core Services

team building and Leadership

Is there a shared sense of
purpose amongst your team?

Are your team aware of their
role and responsibility? 

Is there a strong sense of accountability in your team? 

Are your productivity levels where you’d like them to be? 

Our bespoke training days and programs are built to see your team aligned and contributing in a greater capacity. 

PLanning and Strategy

Where are you going and what does success look like to you? 

What obstacles are in your way? 

Who do you need to help you? 

When do you want to arrive? 

How are you going to make it all happen? 

An unbiased, helicopter view of your situation can help you solidify and clarify multiple aspects of your business, a plan you’ll actually use.

Management consulting

Financial reviews / excel modelling

Process development

Inventory management

Project management

Marketing plan

Launch a new product

There’s work to be done, you know the outcome you’re looking to achieve, you want help to make it happen. 

What your business needs is unique. 

The process to finding a solution is the same. 

explore your needs
and our suitability

Assess your scope and build a plan around it

begin making progress towards your success

Get the key elements of your business working.

Focus on each element in a clear manner.


What are you actually trying to get done, and is it happening?


Are you working towards what is really right for you, and your customers?


Is your product suite helping you, or hindering your potential?


Are you in the right places for your customers to find you?


Is the financial performance of your business where you want it?


Are you getting the most from your staff, customers and suppliers?


Is the stats and info you need readily and easily available?

what other owners are saying

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Orb Services isn’t the perfect fit for everyone. We’re the perfect fit for some. It’s important to us that you feel value, so if you’re not, check out and everyone can move on happily.