The most valuable thing in life is to contribute to the success of others

crafting your game plan

If you value personal, and practical solutions, custom built for you, you’re in the right place. 

Your business needs all of it’s elements working together to be a success. We make that happen.

We evaluate where you’re at, where you want to be, and build you a game plan that will get you there.

Business game Plan

Clarity is essential for any business to progress. 

Being a business owner is difficult, there are so many priorities, it can be hard to bring it all together. 

We specialise in helping busy owners who juggle lots by understanding their goals and resources. 

We then bring that into a concise, practical and logical game plan. Saving you time & money.


explore your needs
and our suitability

Assess your scope and build a plan around it

begin making progress towards your success

additional Support services

Plans are a lot like talent… worthless unless you put them to good use. So we help with that too!! 

Project consulting

You know what needs to be done, you know the outcome you’re looking to achieve, you’re just not sure how to make it happen.

These projects are usually very well defined, have specific outcomes and timelines. Most commonly they are:

  • Business plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Launch a new product
  • Improve staff productivity 
  • Financial reviews / excel modelling
  • Establish processes for existing work or building new systems and training staff

management support

Running a business isn’t easy, especially a rapidly growing one. Sometimes it pays to have someone in your corner. 

For business growing rapidly, we provide quarterly, monthly, or weekly consultation options. Giving you ongoing support  and advice so that you achieve your results on time.

This service is delivered face to face. You’ll get my whole attention, and I’ll get a real feel for what’s happening in your business. This way I can provide the most value to you. 

Building and starting a strategy is the easy part. It never goes perfectly to plan. It’s responding and getting back on course when it doesn’t go to plan which is the challenge. 

If you want someone there to help you pivot when you need to, and continue making progress, ask about these options. 

team building

Our bespoke training days and programs are built to see your team aligned and contributing in a greater capacity.

Staff training programs are usually centred around team development. Exploring outcomes, role, and responsibility.

That said we’ve put plans together for leadership, sales, empowerment, conflict, time management and communication. 

All training projects are bespoke and tailored to your needs. They can occur as stand alone events or ongoing agreements.


Orb Services isn’t the perfect fit for everyone. We’re the perfect fit for some. It’s important to us that you feel value, so if you’re not, check out and everyone can move on happily.

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