Get the right training for your learning style and business.


Start and stop structure, get the information, apply it get on with life and business. 



Ongoing support across a range of topics where application takes time and constant reviewing.

Outcome Based


Clear goals and outcomes for your business. 

Self Paced


Flexibility to work in with your schedule. Do a little or a lot as you need it. 



Keep your kidneys AND get the answers you're looking for. 

Build a business you love running.

Start to Stable

The information you want. The people you want to be around. For less than a coffee per week.

Stable: Running a profitable business and being confident in how it serves your needs.

Most people don't start their business to change the world.

This membership program is dedicated to helping business owners navigate and fast forward their first 12-24 months in business. 

Get involved today and accelerate your progress. 

See Start to Stable


Expert to Experts

Employing billable staff is an exciting time and practical way to expand your service capacity / offering.

This program will support the owner through employing staff and setting up appropriate work structures.

In to ON

You've built a great business, but how will you exit it, can it run without you, what's next for you?

This program will support the owner to step further into your leadership role and focus more ON your business.

Meet Marty from Orb Services

I love consulting and I'll continue to do it... BUT!! 

There is a barrier to entry, price, that excludes a lot of business owners doing great things. 

I got into business to help everyday people turn their expert skills into excellent businesses. 

Having an excellent business doesn't mean having a big business. 

An excellent business

  1. Provides financially for YOUR needs 
  2. Has a steady and secure demand for work
  3. Has a clear structure that makes operating it clean and simple

People have been working this out on their own for years, I just wanted to fast forward the process. 

Testimonials for Orb Services

Marty was phenomenal. We recently completed a 3 hour session with Marty and he really helped us to put an actual business plan into place. His expertise around planning and structuring your business is second to none. Walking out of that session with a plan you’re actually motivated to go out and execute is priceless and worth it's weight in gold. Thanks again for your time Marty!


Video Domain

I couldn't be happier with the service we received from Martin at Orb Services for our team development day. From the initial meeting Martin was able to extract key objectives and outcomes to build a framework for our team to work through at our training day. I have already seen productivity increase and moral lifted.


Victoria Park

The monthly catch ups I have with Marty are invaluable. His insight into the financial performance and operations of my business help to continually shape the activities I'm focused on. We look at numbers process, staffing, and any risks. 

It's reassuring to know I have a second pair of eyes on my business that I trust. 


Phil Hunt Parts

Reach out today and, l Look forward to chatting more. 

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