People as a Source of Growth in Your Business

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Some people in business have forgotten they are on the same side. There is bickering between departments or roles, there is angst between owner and staff. You’re on the same side remember, here’s 3 options to encourage your team to come together.

Staffing is the largest expense for about 90% of the businesses in Brisbane and Australia. Yet when I talk to business owners, it is alarming how little focus is put on this are of their business.

Your ability to scale in business is directly tied to your ability to get other people to work together. It’s that simple.

More than that, the friction and inefficiencies created by a dysfunctional team, impact your profits in all the wrong ways. So how can you focus more on leadership and development of the people in your business?

Suppose I was to ask you, what have are you best at, and how much time have you invested into perfecting that skill? Now that you have an marker in your head, measure the time you’ve invested into getting your staff to work well together against that. Scary?? It is for many.

You can’t expect a high performing team when you feed them on rice and beans. The fabric of your business, especially those businesses that trade time for money, is woven into the people you have working for you.

Three simple things anyone can do to improve their team performance

  1. Find a reason to say thanks. If you’re anything like I was, the criticism can outweigh the praise as you get bogged in the day to day of things.
    1. This can’t be fake, just for saying it, you’ll be worse off
    2. Find something specific, that you genuinely appreciate about each person
  2. Ask each person what the primary goal of your business is.
    1. You will be surprised here, you might have told them, but they haven’t heard it
    2. Or they heard it another way than what you intended
  3. One challenge in their role, and if they see a solution to it
    1. They may know and see things you don’t
    2. You may be able to provide them with some insight and understanding as to why that issue will remain

This whole exercise for ten staff should take no more than 3 hours over a week.

How much would you need to make back to cover that ‘expense’?

Consistency and honesty are the biggest things with developing a team. A good team will make your life easy, and a bad one, hell, so it’s worth investing the time into.

Wishing you the best in life, and business.


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