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All you have is the hours in the day and how you chose to use them. What most people don’t realise is we have more control over this than we might think.

This presentation will give you the tools you need to help you get off the treadmill and start moving in the direction of your choice.

Spend your time more productively at work. Get home and be present with your family. Take that holiday that you’ve been meaning to take.

What is it that you really want?

If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it with absolute certainty. Without question, the biggest issue I encounter with people is that they don’t have a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve.

The Crazy | Busy Matrix

It’s short. It’s funny. It’s true. There are only so many places you can spend you time. Where are you spending yours!!

Your NOT TO DO list!

A variation on Warren Buffets 5/25 rule. If you aren’t carving this out for yourself, your losing traction already.

Being more efficient

Efficiency vs effectiveness. There are nuts and bolts to being more efficient which I share. Then it comes to how well you can apply these to your priority tasks.

Using deadlines to your advantage

One of the major reasons people get into business is to be their own boss. There are some major downsides to this also.

Perfect for busy professionals who are in

  1. Service based businesses
  2. Trade based businesses
  3. Allied Health professionals

If you’re tired of being pulled in multiple directions, check this out. Get on track, and get the results you’ve been thinking about.

This is how you’ll turn #planningintoresults and get the outcomes which matter to you!!

I’ll answer any questions you leave in the comments.

For a more immediate response, drop me a line, or book a FREE CONSULT

For now, spend 25 minutes wisely and get 25 hours back.

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Your Key Time Stamps

  • 02:09 – What is it that you really want
  • 05:50 – The crazy busy matrix
  • 11:27 – Your NOT TO DO list
  • 15:24 – Being more efficient
  • 19:24 – Using Deadlines to your advantage

For a more immediate response, drop me a line, or book a FREE CONSULT

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