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Management Consulting with a Guarantee

Has your business grown rapidly in recently times?
You don’t have to continually ‘punch through’ the walls on your own. 

Management consulting with Orb Services exists for two primary purposes.

1. To ensure the plans you build get implemented and working

2. To complement your skill set and improve the operations of your business

Whatever the decision
the process remains consistent

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FREE consultation over a beverage because, life's just better that way.

It's all about understanding the intricacies of your business and what you're trying to do. If I can help, we'll talk about that at the end.

Determine outcomes

Establish the outcomes you need to see and the required resources to deliver.

There has to be a clear target to work towards. Once and agreed scope is in place, work can begin.

Project Completion

I'll deliver the final product to you and provide a consult to ensure it is right.

There are in cases, gaurantees in place for the work provided which can include 100% of your money back.

Management Consultant Marty Lewis from Orb Services

Consulting Projects

There’s work to be done, you know the outcome you’re looking to achieve, you want help to make it happen. We fill in the blanks for you! 

Financial reviews / excel modelling

Process development

Inventory management

Project management

Marketing plan

Launch a new product

Management support

This is providing ongoing support to owners going through substantial growth or change. Also referred to as mentoring or coaching. 

Many people think they need this and don’t. Issues can often be solved with a piece of planning or specific project. 

This can be much more economical and get you better results. Where suitable, we can provide this on the following terms.

Delivery Options

Weekly  /  Monthly  /  Quarterly

Business Consultant Marty Lewis from Orb Services at Desk
Orb Services Money Back Gaurantee Stamp

Suitable if you need

Money back Policy

  • Support to implement your Game Plan or existing plan
  • Regular external, unbiased view to assess decisions
  • Accountability to someone other than yourself
  • Adapting to changing circumstances with staff
  • Ongoing professional development 

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