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  • Planning, essential tips for an active business plan. 30 minute Webinar and PDF document
  • Team Building foundations. Getting the most from your team. Webinar and PDF document
  • Staff Costing, spread sheet demo and Excel spread sheet
  • Time management, recorded presentation on time management. Taking control of your time
  • Brad Seymour discusses business growth and his insight to the challenges you’ll face along the way

So why give my ideas and tips away? 

  1. ‘Mine’ is a bit rich, I didn’t invent analysing a business
  2. I loathe everyone who give’s something away, then spams me, I never want to be associated with that
  3. Knowing isn’t the hard part, it’s getting it done that counts. You might still need me for that
  4. Fourth, the idea is to build trust, what better way than to just help someone
  5. Fifth, if, and only IF, something in here helps you, you’re more likely to come back, tell a friend, ask for help on something else which is bothering you. 5.1. What goes around comes around

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Time Management
Marty Lewis

7 Ways to Do More, With Less

Don’t have enough hours in the day? This is for you! ‘Time Management’ is fundamentally broken. Learn how you can shift the hands in your

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