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Your team is it. Your business is built on your ability to provide value. Your ability to provide value ties straight back to you team.

  1. Service based businesses
  2. Trade based businesses
  3. Allied Health professionals
  4. Any business that sells labour as a primary product

They are all need a great team!!

Investing in your team will provide the biggest ROI in your business. The absolutely most important thing here is that you use some of this and put it to work, get your team on board.

Create a clear destination your team can buy into
Establish roles and responsibilities for the outcomes
Set up guidelines so work can be done independently

This is how you’ll turn #planningintoresults and get the outcomes which matter to you!!

I’ll answer any questions you leave in the comments.

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For now, park up, tune in, and see how much you can squeeze out of this!!


Your Key Time Stamps

  • 01:31 – Give a destination and objectives
  • 10:00 – Defining roles and responsibilities
  • 18:21 – Create a guidance system

Don’t forget to take your extra free tips in this PDF!!

Team Building and Leadership Slide by Orb Services Top Tips

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