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This webinar is your practical, functional, and easy to understand guide on how to build a business plan that will actually work for you. If you’re not happy with the outcomes you’re currently getting, this video can help you change that.

Business plans can easily become overly complicated. There are many things to consider and each business is unique. Therefor this video discusses the fame work which is used, so you can apply it to the intricacies of your business.

Most owners build a business plan once a year if that. After building more than 40 game plans in 2019 I have boiled it down to these 5 as the most important and practical for any owner. Whilst these rules can apply to anyone, they are especially relevant for…

  1. Service based businesses
  2. Trade based businesses
  3. Allied Health professionals
  4. Any business that sells labour as a primary product

The absolutely most important thing here is that you use some of this and put it to work in your business. What good is a great plan, that just sits on your shelf and collects dust?

Get the plan right.
Follow up with the right activity.
Get the right results!!!

This is how you’ll turn #planningintoresults and get the outcomes which matter to you!!

I’ll answer any questions you leave in the comments.

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For now, park up, tune in, and see how much you can squeeze out of this!!


Your Key Time Stamps

  • 00:27 – How to build a clear destination
  • 07:27 – Defining who your customers are
  • 14:36 – Establishing the right metric for capacity
  • 21:02 – Lay out your operational flow
  • 28:16 – Leverage your database
  • 33:12 – Get this working in your business

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