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By Marty Lewis


Cent One: Only Chase Your Own Success

Cent Two: Have Some Fun Along the Way

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Personal Insight
Marty Lewis

3 Lessons I Learnt the Hard Way

There is a monumental gap between knowing something and believing it. Then living it and getting some benefit from it. If you’re anything like me, some things you just have to learn the hard way, usually more than once.

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Marty Lewis

Simplifying Planning and Strategy

Every business with a plan is not successful. Every successful business has a plan though. The more you can simplify your business strategy. The faster you’ll get meaningful results.

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Orb Services Time Management Hamster on a Wheel
Time Management
Marty Lewis

Time to Take back your time

The secret to having more time doesn’t lie in what you do, it lies in your ability to say no. Learn the primary things you must do to truly have control of your time.

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