3 Benefits From Your Customer Journey

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A visual simplification of how to build your customer journey. And the benefits for you, as well as your customers.

It can be difficult to consider both their side and yours, how do you build a workable middle ground? 

The sample layout looks at how you can break down the ‘horizontal’ stages of your journey into key areas. From here you can begin to ask specific questions to build the right depth at each stage.

An overview of the objective

The idea is to have a clear process from enquiry, to satisfied customer.

What the customer is going to experience? (The Front end)

This will vary from business to business and with the complexity of the problem being solved. The problem with drive the required products and services. How do you guide your customers through each of these stages?

Orb Services Customer Journey Slide 3

What has to happen internally to make this happen? (The Back End)

As you build this out you can establish responsibility for different areas of each process. This isn’t always to do, especially if you sell multiple products. So start small with one product or service and build out from there. I’m yet to find a business that this can’t be made for.

Orb Services Customer Journey Slide 3

Now that you know both side, how can you refine it?

Look for opportunities at each stage to know what needs to occur, and establishing better and more effective ways to achieve the outcome you want.

Be mindful DO NOT ADD steps for the sake of steps. Focus on the key outcomes along the way. KEEP IT SIMPLE as possible, the idea is to keep it as little as possible.

Orb Services Customer Journey Slide 4

Your profitability is often a reflection of your ability to take customers through this process effectively and without wastage.

When you get this working well you will…

1 – Improve your profitability by minimising the ‘wastage’ during the process

2 – Use the back end to guide the appropriate level of systems and process

3 – Improve your team unison through training with each person visibly able to see their role and the impact it has

Oh and also… your customers are more likely to return, tell their friends, spend more. Those minor details can help as well

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